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About Our Acupuncturist

Maryanne Smith is a Nationally Certified Acupuncturist since 2006, with over 40 years experience in Shiatsu Massage Therapy. Her practice specializes in the gentle yet highly effective Japanese Hara Acupuncture, and incorporates multiple supportive modalities. Maryanne is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner of healing arts utilizing techniques that include Auricular Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxabustion, Reiki, Smoking Cessation, Trigger Point Acupuncture,   ( see descriptions below), 

Facial Rejuvenation, and Shiatsu style massage session are offered, and treatments may combined with other modalities, as well as TENS, Piezo-electric or micro current stimulation.

To further assist your journey in health, exercises specific to your condition and/or Qi Gong exercises are often recommended.

As Qi is derived from our food, targeted nutritional guidance is also provided for your optimal health.

At Earth and Sky, our highest priority is the well-being of our clients. As a result, a very high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We welcome the opportunity to work with new clients. Please use the contact page to make any inquiries.


Located Approximately 1 mile from River Road, Rt 32,

10 minutes north of the center of New Hope, PA.

on the corner of Sawmill Road and Fawn Lane

6435 Fawn Lane

New Hope, PA 18938

Service Fees:

$100 /1hr session

Facial Rejuvenation $100.00/session

Combined or Extended Treatment : $130.00

Smoking Cessation -1/2 hr - 2x's/week for 6 weeks: $50.00/session or may be included with full body one hour treatment

PLEASE NOTE: We do not participate in any insurance plans. Some Insurances do cover all or portions of the costs of Acupuncture Treatments, check with your provider if a referral is required. Deductibles are the responsibility of the individual.


Mon -Thurs: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Friday: 9:00AM - 4PM

Sat: By Appointment

Sun: Closed


00:00 / 05:07

Auricular Acupuncture

A style of Acupuncture developed to a great extent by Dr. Nogier of France. Includes treatments of many conditions and addictions.

Smoking Cessation Services

Quitting Smoking is the most important thing you can do to protect your future health, and the most important factor to successfully stop smoking is a person's commitment to becoming a NON-SMOKER.

The protocols we use have been approved by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association and have been used for treating any addiction. Acupuncture will not make you quit, but it can assist by making the withdrawal experience easier. The stimulation the acupuncture needles provide has been determined to increase the release of endorphins which produce a calming affect on the body, thus reducing cravings and other symptoms.

Trigger Point

A style of Acupuncture developed by Dr. Janet Travell a Physical Therapist and private physician to the late JFK. This style of acupuncture is used to relax tightened or constricted muscles, and releases lactic acid build up within the muscle cells.


The use of glass or specially designed plastic cups to create a suction against the skin for the purpose of drawing out toxins.


The burning of dried and compressed form of the herb Artemesia vulgaris to heat needles and acupoints for the purpose of stimulating Qi flow.

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