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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the acupuncture needles hurt?

A: Not usually, the needles used in acupuncture are very thin and once inserted there is little or no sensation felt. There are occasionally points that may be more sensitive even to touch, and the split second of insertion may be discomforted.

Q:How long is an acupuncture session?

A: Typically a session is 1 hour duration, but the effects can endure for weeks.

Q: How many treatments will be needed to receive benefit?

A: The number of treatments needed to have an impact on any condition is dependent on many variables, including general health, age, and diet, but typically for a chronic condition, improvement is seen within 6 weekly visits.


"...I feel that I have made enormous progress and I remain deeply and fondly indebted to Maryanne Smith. Her compassionate style, endless determination, and professional thoroughness have all contributed to my improved well being."

Matthew Jones

“Earth and Sky Acupuncture was recommended to me by a friend, I am very grateful for the relief the acupuncture treatments have given me. Thank you”

Diane D.

"...The acupuncture treatments are both Spiritually and Physically Healing"

R. Lambert

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